Lamp with revolving shade. Powder coated aluminum and walnut wood. 16 x 7 x 7″ 2017

Obviously inspired by the movie Christmas Story. Rest in Peace Darren McGavin.

Tall Maple Wood Lamp. I just sold this lamp at the Penland Gallery. I spent the money on whiskey and Harley parts. Maple wood, aluminum, found objects. 2015

Detail of Tall Maple Wood Lamp.

Triple Threat. Oak, switches, and Edison bulbs. 4 x 4 x 12″ 2012

I made this slumped glass and fabricated steel lamp for my good friends Jimmy and Polly Barker. There both gone now and I suspect their son now owns it.

I found some 12″ test tubes and made a few lamps out of them. Walnut wood, aluminum, found objects. 5 x5 x 15″ 2014